Chuck Not Up

Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah, facing Zachary Levi as Chuck, her back to us but head turned our way in steely-eyed gaze

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  1. I have never watched Chuck...I have a hard time giving shows a chance. I didn't even watch Lost until season 3. And then I make poor decisions like watching Survivor. Yes, yes I do. I never did before and in fact I scoffed at those lemmings who did. Then, last season, I discovered the delightful little troll Russel Hantz and now I am hooked. Tomorrow is Survivor night and I look forward to it. Shameful. feels good to admit that out loud.
    Anyway, about Moon; why did they give the little clone such an emotional hardship? Why the threat of divorce from his wife? And Gertie...who made a "conscious" decision to do the right thing - who interpreted his commands in a way he "felt" best. It makes a case for robots having rights. And clones too, of course.
    Can humans really be so sustained in their cruelty to treat clones like that for potentially forever - and then really ride them hard until they barf blood and literally fall apart before killing them just to save a few bucks? And how could those scientists interact with them like that and then go home to their families? They didn't tell the people on Earth because they knew they would by and large flip out - how can you admit it is so wrong that you hide it and then continue to do it - to interact with them, to (half-assedly) nurture them! And it makes you wonder what being human is. With Gertie acting human and Little Clone I Love having all his implanted memories...even though they weren't his - it was him. What is you and your life but memories?