Meaner Still

The can of Campbell’s soup remains in effect, due to connection problems as well as projects that aren’t being dealt with as efficiently as I’d like. For those who’ve not seen it before, I should point out that the can is a mysterious “ancient Internet tradition” begun by Mark Evanier, as explained and in fact recently invoked by Evanier on his blog, News from ME, which if your interests are anything like mine offers a variety of fine, funny, and fascinating material by the bushel.

I hope to have a volley of posts up soon (yeah, When don’t I?), but meantime here’s another batch of Blogger word-verification definitions.

abendsl — n. #2 graphite stick, when you’re congested.

betoofsr — Father of Betoof Jr.

boophala — n. A shout-out from Ms. Betty.

consi — phr. How you confirm that you would like sour cream with your burrito in a Mexican restaurant.

corig — v. To put something together in unison.

cryop — n. 1. Surgery to remove lachrymal glands. 2. Freezing of the 16th letter of the alphabet.

DEINGAC — After ENIAC and UNIVAC, the computer that started thinking it was a god.

ELERIP — The only legible letters left on Eleanor Rigby’s tombstone.

eling — v. Marrying into Superman’s birth family.

fiaugho — phr. Archaic expression of disgust directed at a lady of the night who only operates during the eighth month of the year. [Longest stretch for a verification-word def ever?]

hobbi — n. The avocation of a Tolkein enthusiast.

jaccul — n. The whirlpool at Vlad the Impaler’s castle.

larystab — v. How Lary kil hiz naybur. Lary a badd man. Wach owt for Lary.

litin — n. A peaceful demonstration held by smokers.

mantab — n. 1. Indentation personified. 2. The #1 best-selling diet cola for dudes. 3. A screwed-up vanity plate for the Batmobile.

normen — pl. n. Guys from Scandinavia.

ouvivers – pl. n. French people who ask you where you live.

preozow — Kevin Federline before his “rap career”?

procut — n. What you long for after your mom decides she’s just as good as a barber.

suminv — Sumin’s great-great-great-grandchild.

refia — n. Mobsters with OCD.

ruplize — v. To model oneself after RuPaul.

shicoke — n. Really bad-tasting cola.

soliz — adj. Something that Tina Fey’s character on 30 Rock would, like, totally do.

tormync — n. Pestering in unison.

unglatin — n. A retranslation back from piglatin.

verstcho — n. What Hitler thought he was watching at the end of Inglourious Basterds: “Dis ist de verstcho I haff effer seen!”

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