Bully for You

I’m very late in sharing the news that my pal Bully has resumed bringing joy to the masses at his blog Comics Oughta Be Fun!.

Bully, a little stuffed bull

A couple of Januarys past — which might have been a Sandman issue — Bully, the
little stuffed bull who is a fuzzy, cuddly bane to oppressors of the righteous and vulnerable, returned after sadly but understandably closing up shop in June 2020. He continued to live out the message of his blog’s title on Twitter with the help of trusty human friend John DiBello, then made the world brighter for those of us who rarely venture there by firing up Fun! again, filling in posts from 2021 and forging ahead with his mission to chronicle every instance of, well, just what it says on the virtual tin, via the continuing feature Today in Comics History.

I’ve been passing along dates that pop up in the comics I read for a while now and Bully’s graciously linked here when he uses one. What I’m really thankful for, however, are the model of dedication that Bully presents and the delight his own amusing observations bring. As I began to update this place several years ago now, fixing
HTML gremlins and checking links and describing images with alt text for the visually challenged, I decided to follow Bully’s example by adding pithy hover-text captions you can read by scrolling your cursor over any pictures in a post. That work continues, a subject for another day, but if you’ve found your way here and you’re not yet familiar with Comics Oughta Be Fun! then hie on yonder, where chances are good you’ll find
me piping up in the comments.

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