Jawn of Justice

Cover of Superman #293 from 1975, depicting Superman with arms crossed in front of gushing fire hydrant as Lois Lane and other civilians lie pleading or expired on the street, with doctored text -- Lois: 'Help us, Superman! We're dyin' for some wooder!' Superman: 'Yiz orn't gettin' any -- 'til I'm kooderback fer the Iggles!' Caption: 'Watch as the Metropolis Marvel is transformed into 'The Superman of Easttown!' Plus: Team-up action wit' Green Lannern!''

I was talking with a friend recently and this happened. We’re both originally from
New Jersey, close enough to the Philadelphia area for the accent to have permeated, and these days I’m pretty well adjacent to the parts of Chester and Delaware Counties that were channeled by the show referenced here. (You can find the actual Superman cover I’ve bastardized, drawn by the great Bob Oksner and one of my own nostalgic faves, at the GCD.) I should have posted this sooner but the zeitgeist has a long tail these days, even as things of the moment are often discarded faster than ever. Time after all is a flat circle — and now I’m thinking about True Detective Comics

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