Up Your Nose with
a Rubber Flux Capacitor

This one’s been percolating for a while.

mockup of faded, beat-up Golden All-Stars Book cover of 'Welcome Back to the Future Kotter' with photos of 'Gabe Kaplan as Professor Kotter' and 'Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly', plus inset of red-eyed John Travolta titled 'With the Sweatbots featuring Vin-E Barbarino'

And there’s no time like the present. Not only have we reached the once-far-off date
to which Marty and the Professor traveled in the second Back to the Future film, but this year saw the 30th anniversary of the first movie in that trilogy as well as the (somewhat less heralded) 40th anniversary of Welcome Back, Kotter’s premiere. Thus, in the grand tradition of my poster for Captain America and the Maltese Falcon and DVD case for Tarzan of the Planet of the Apes, here’s a Golden Books tie-in to that hit TV show from another dimension, Welcome Back to the Future, Kotter.

I know the logo makes no sense. Unfortunately the Welcome Back, Kotter logo is so plain the joke wouldn’t really pop with just that style text and the Back to the Future logo fonts I found online were of dubious quality. So I straight-up mashed the logos together, ignoring the likely reality of how the series’ title would look “in-universe”.

These are done when the spirit moves me and time allows, which means not very often, but any suggestions offered will be happily taken under consideration.

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