Panel to Frame

My reviews of Fox’s Gotham and The CW’s newly expanding Arrow/Flash
universe would be up by now had I not started tinkering with images to accompany them. Which is how these happened.

Superman heaving a car over his head in 'Superman Returns' in homage to cover of 'Action Comics' #1, part of which is overlaid onto the movie still
Inset: Detail of cover to Action Comics #1 © 1938 DC Comics.
Photo: Still from Superman Returns © 2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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The Walking Dead
detail of Rick Grimes with word balloon 'They're going to feel pretty stupid when they find out' overlaid onto screencap of Andrew Lincoln as Grimes from equivalent scene on the TV series
Inset: Detail of panel from The Walking Dead #64 © 2009 Skybound LLC.
Photo: Screencap from The Walking Dead Ep. 4.16 © 2014 TWD Productions LLC.

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The Flash
Grant Gustin as The Flash running in close-up profile with art of the character in the same pose overlaid on photo
Inset: Promo image of New 52 Flash © 2013 DC Comics.
Photo: Promo image for CW’s The Flash © 2014 Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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The Avengers
Chris Evans as Captain America and Chris Hemsworth as Thor in advance still from upcoming 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' with art of the comics costume that inspired Cap's movie look overlaid
Inset: Detail of panel from AVX: Consequences #1 © 2012 Marvel Characters.
Photo: Still from The Avengers: Age of Ultron © 2014 Marvel Entertainment.

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young Bruce Wayne on his knees next to bodies of his slain parents in the street from 'Gotham' pilot with part of panel from 'Batman: Year One' that inspired it overlaid
Inset: Detail of panel from Batman #404 © 1986 DC Comics.
Photo: Screencap from Gotham Ep. 1.1 © 2014 Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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Any suggestions, either of shots from comics-based productions that specifically
echo a certain panel or of screencaps, promo images, or production stills that feature characters in such a way that it would probably be easy to find an equivalent shot in comics material? I’ve already put together a couple for the next volley.

I’m giving myself a week or so to get those reviews done for November sweeps, after which a break from the blog is in order to attend to other stuff.

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  1. Superman got the most favorites and RTs on Twitter, but The Walking Dead was the most popular on Tumblr. In the works are Wonder Woman, Ghost World, Wolverine, more The Walking Dead, and even some without Ws like Sin City. Suggestions are still being accepted, however, as this may be an ongoing obsession.