Why Is This Joke Different
From All Other Jokes?

Fake book cover for 'Pesadick Tracy and the Case of the Missing Manischewitz — by Chester Gould - A Kosher-for-Passover Caper' with signature profile of Dick Tracy in yellow trenchcoat and yarmulke

More years ago than feels possible I drew up a cartoon like this for a Hillel seder in college. I’ve yet to come across it in my files but with today’s technology I was able to rebuild the thing better, faster, and stronger.

Not that I’m about to do a whole strip, but I kind-of want to read this.

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  1. Very nice, Blam... I'd love to read it too, but I appreciate that your time/energy is limited and that the initial "proof of concept" is usually more satisfying than follow-through. Your Borgean Pictogaggery is sufficient.


  2. Thanks, Arb! Something like this probably is best left as a joke with promise than being fully realized, although I'm constantly amazed by the stuff that actually gets made and posted to the Interwebs.

  3. My dad thought this was hilarious. I think I said that in "real life" already but I wanted it here for whaddayacallit posterity.