Pre-Oscars Post

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  1. Your menu puns are classic, as always. Great stuff.

  2. Great stuff indeed. Wife laughed out loud at "the invention of Hugo Cabernet". Sigh... And now I want some marzipan.

    I'd seen most of the other links, but not that NYT "Touch of Evil" stuff, so thanks. Frankly the Oscars could do a lot worse than to put together a quick reel of brilliant mini-films like that.

  3. How awesome would it be for each of the Best Director nominees to recast a key scene from their films with Best Actor nominees from other movies, or shoot scenes from the other nominees' films — or even from classic cinema — with the casts of their own films? Say, Alexander Payne doing a clip with Clooney as Bogie... It would never happen, due to scheduling if nothing else, but, man alive, I'd love to see that.