Yucky and Mean

Since I’m under the weather and behind on everything, here’s another batch of the word-verification definitions that I leave when commenting on other blogs. An explanation of what’s going on and a collection of all the definitions to date can be found at the dedicated page I’ve set up for that purpose.

adynog — [ad ee nahg] n. (Spanglish) Having promotional material in one hand, a traditional Yuletide drink in the other.

britend — [brit end] n. 1. A bum (not a panhandler; rather, the buttocks region) in Merry Olde England. 2. The farthest point of the United Kingdom’s territorial waters in the English Channel or Atlantic Ocean.

colifou — [koh ly foo] n. French bacteria strain that takes your sanity.

copone — 1. [kop wun] v. Get handsy. 2. [koh pohn] v. Make cornbread in tandem.

Exhiali — [eks hee ah lee] Alien race of heavy breathers.

Flumenta™ — [floo men tuh] The first FDA-approved treatment for psychic influenza.

grizato — [grih zah toh] n. Italian ice cream made from brown bears. [No animals were actually harmed in the creation of this definition.]

holose — [hoh looz] n. Epic prostitution fail.

lubioni — [loo bee oh nee] n. Italian engine oil.

Lytor — [liy tor] Planet with a Butane atmosphere.

olexcurl — [oh leks kurl] phr. Superman taunting his bald arch-enemy with the forelock on his lush head of hair.

palverse — [pal vurs] n. 1. Friendly poetry. 2. Alternate reality where everyone’s your buddy.

preashes — [pree shiz] v. Delivers a sermon while inebriated.

prophant — [prahf ant] n. An oracular insect.

reggless — [reg liss] adj. Wantonly dismissive of the work of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, et al.

sectax — [sek taks] n. A tariff levied 60 times per minute.

stion — [sty ahn] n. A pigpen with a positive charge.

Syssinex™ — [siss in eks] “For those days when it just feels like each time you push a boulder up a hill it comes crashing back down, ask your doctor about Syssinex.”

trence — [trens] n. A hypnotic state held for exactly three seconds.

unlizes — [un liyz iz] v. Takes off one’s makeup after performing in a Liza Minnelli tribute show.

Vatero — [vah teh roh] Southwestern cattle-driving supervillain with the power to control giant tubs of liquid.


  1. I hope you're finally feeling better soon, and that Verizon or Blogger or whoever's fault it is this time lets you get back to posting soon as you feel up to it.

    I've realized with these posts that sometimes the "words" you get are what's so great about them, and other times (although frequently this is also true of the first sometimes) it's your definitions that really make the entry. Like prophant — that's just a gimme, no disrespect; holose might be, too, at least if you pronounce it the right way, but throw it together with the "Epic prostitution fail" and it's just hilarious. Vatero is kind-of a stretch but not in a bad way, since you bring together all of the actual words it suggests. The dual entries for copone are the very soul of wit.

    I'm overanalyzing, though. My favorites are Flumenta, grizato, and reggless, and I should probably have just left it at that.

  2. Ok, I peek every now and then, but I have NEVER commented on a blog. I have to tell you that I smiled at 'britend,' more so at 'lubioni,' but actually teared up at 'olexcurl.' Thanks for sharing your skewed definitions!

  3. Wow... Thanks back atcha, Heather!