Muppet Monday

Walter the Muppet
Screencap © 2011 The Muppets Studio LLC.

I figured that given how last week’s installment was another long one — also that I’ve had trouble posting (with that, my actual review of The Muppets, and this all going up late) — I’d keep today’s Muppet Monday brief. A music video for the song “Man or Muppet” [2:59] from the film (performed by the new Muppet, Walter, and Jason Segel as his human brother Gary) has been released with clips from other parts of The Muppets interspersed with the song’s scene in the movie. For those who’ve seen The Muppets, the song is a treat to revisit, but there are some surprises spoiled for those who haven’t seen it and plan to — like what’s probably the funniest cameo in the film, even if like me you don’t watch the hit show that made the actor in question famous.

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