Def. Jam

I have the blog’s first stand-alone page up, a collection of my word-verification definitions (with an explanation for the uninitiated), so here’s another installment of that series in celebration.

applayer — [ap play ur] n. Someone hooked on their smartphone games.

bedness — [bed niss] n. Whedon-esque term for sleeping: “After a night like that, I’m just looking for some quick snackage and the bedness.”

boation — [bo shun] n. Movement on a seafaring craft.

cardosm — [kard oz um] n. The result of enjoying shuffling a little too much.

distendee — [diss ten dee] n. A swelled guy.

endene — [en deen] n. The last element molecule of unsaturated hydrocarbons containing a double bond we will ever create or discover. (Nagging doubts to the rescue!)

exest — [eks est] adj. 1. The most former. 2. (exEST) n. A transplant from the Atlantic coast of North America.

firefib — [fiyr fib; fiy ur fib] n. Lies about arson.

Fitican — [fih tih kun] The workout room at the Vatican.

gundowar — [gund uh wor] n. Battle of the stuffed animals!

hydrex — [hy dreks] n. 1. A divorced Atlantean. 2. A deceased many-headed snake. 3. The remains of a creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie (syn., depending on brand: formoreos).

incide — [in siyd] n. Death that be not al fresco.

kabed — [kuh bed] SFX/excl. The noise made by an exploding futon.

lacti — [lak ty] pl. n. Milk-producing desert plants.

luretrom — [loor trahm] n. Short for luretrombone. Brass instrument hexed with aphrodisiac spell.

marvitat — [mar vih tat] n.  Habitat of the Marvel Family. (q.v. Fawcett City; Rock of Eternity)

matiest — [may tee est] adj. Having the most Australian friends.

modad — [moh dad] n. 1. Extra fathers. 2. (comics fans only) Modok’s dad.

ovent — [oh vent] n. The exhaust valve for an egg.

pection — [pek shun] n. Flexing of the chest muscles.

peeven — [pee ven] v. Annoy producers, castmates, and theatregoers by dropping out of a play due to Mercury poisoning.

popier — [poh pee ur] adj. Having a greater amount of papal qualities — more Innocent, as it were.

prenect — [pree nekt] v. Know in advance how you’re going to put something together.

recocoa — [ree koh koh] v. Enjoy a second cup of hot chocolate.

ressu — [ress oo] excl. Scooby-Doo’s response to a sneeze.

Saffisms — [saff iz umz] pl. n. Notable quotes from Edina’s daughter on Absolutely Fabulous.

squac — [skwak] n. A traditional Mexican dip made with avocado, spices, and yellow-crowned night heron.

tudier — [too dee ur] adj. Having more sass.

USNAMPAS — [yoo ess nam pass] A joint project between the United States Naval Academy and the Association of Motion-Picture Arts & Sciences.

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