The Slog Deferred

I was hoping to follow up last year’s State of the Blog post with another today for
my second anniversary here, but serious real-world stuff has taken precedence. And I’ll share it eventually; for now, though, finishing up an essay on bloggery existentialism is the last thing on my mind. While I’m not putting up the Campbell’s soup can or the Devil Tylenol from Hell bottle just yet, as they feel too flippant, posts will be light to nonexistent for the indefinite future.


  1. I hope everything is all right, Blam. Happy Valentimes!

  2. Hope things are okay! If there's anything I can do, let me know.


  3. Thanks, guys... As you've probably seen me post by now, my grandfather passed away on Saturday after a long decline in health and nonetheless-sudden progression into unresponsiveness. It was a blessing in that he's no longer suffering, but still an inconceivable loss; we're all (my grandmom and mother and sister and cousins and I) still sort-of swimming through some weird version of life as we don't know it.