M Is for...

... Meaning, which I tend to use in some form or another to title a list of word-verification definitions, but also mourning and a myriad of other things that have kept me from posting, as well as mulling over how to publish the content currently in the pipeline for this blog.

actato — n. [ak tay toh] Spud that doth trod the boards.

CountOG — [kownt oh jee] The rarely seen “original gangsta” version of Sesame Street’s Count von Count.

eouns — pl. n. [ee ahnz] Variant British spelling of eons: “That is my favourite colour in eouns.”

eurth — n. [yurth] Ground bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, Asia, and the Arctic Circle.

Flutrina™ — [floo tree nuh] Nutritional supplement formulated for wind-instrument players.

hestes — pl. n. [hess teez] What revealed the Greek goddess of the hearth to actually be a dude (from Hestia + testes)

leupsyz — n. [loop siz] The alignment of sun and moon in syzygy as seen from the Bavarian village of Leupoldsdorf.

matheth — v. [math eth] Perform equations in Shakespearean Geometry.

menta — n. (Yiddish) [men tuh] A psychic yenta (the most dangerous kind).

pacton —n. [pak ton] A subatomic particle that promises not to collide with any other particles if they reciprocate.

premprot — n. [prem praht] An estrogen-based android (from Prempro + robot).

remani — n. [reh mah nee] Gypsy who decides to stay in one place.

sumsab — n. [sum sab] Number of people in the congregation on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday depending.

Spones™ — [spohnz] “Do you like your soup served in edible bread bowls? Then you’ll love Spones: It’s a spoon... It’s a scone... It’s a Spone!”

thesqui — excl. [thuh skwih] Warning shouted in somewhat less than the nick of time during an attack by a giant cephalopod.


  1. Hestes! Hehehe! How are you doing, BlamBot?

    Ha! A new pun :)

  2. Actato almost made me choke on my soda. My nose tickles now.

    Also Flutrina and Spones. HA!

    I love these posts :)