Robot Chicken

Panel 1: 'Hey, Dave, Why did the chicken cross the road?' asks skeleton in tuxedo. 'I dunno. To get to the other side?' says large beetle the skeleton dangles on a string. 'Nope...' replies skeleton. Panel 2: Giant man/chicken/machine cyborg in the street of an Old World town below word ballon '... to get revenge!' Caption at bottom: 'The End'.
Script, Pencils, Inks: Mike Mignola. Colors: Dave Stewart. Letters: Clem Robins.

I often grab pics available online for a post. Even when I’m reviewing a book I have
on hand, my scanner may be boxed in by stacks of stuff, leaving virtual drag-&-drop the path of least resistance. Such was the case with Mike Mignola’s excellent The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects, which I wrote up last month. Alas, I couldn’t find much from the book online, but I discovered the delightfully bizarre panels above in a Comic-Book Resources forum. The contributor said he found them when scouring the Interwebs for info on a previous, French edition of Screw-On Head, among whose contents are stories that as noted in my review I’d envisioned as theoretical companion pieces before any collection existed. Since this image turned up in the very search that one would execute to acquire context for the image, the results of my poking around are predictably recursive. I have no idea whether “The End” signifies that a longer strip came before this or it’s an absurdist punctuation to the gag in its entirety, but I would love to find out.

[Update #1: My link to that CBR forum is now invalid.] [Update #2: My Screw-On Head review now has better, deliberately chosen illustrations.]

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