Betty’s Here; Veronica, Too

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  1. I got the PUREHEART THE POWERFUL volume and it's pretty rad!

    I'm just hoping for more LITTLE ARCHIE reprints.

    And by the way, did you see that they are updating L'IL JINX?



  2. No, I hadn't seen that. I'm not sure how I feel about so massive a change, although with J. Torres writing and Rick Burchett drawing at least it has a strong chance of being quality stuff. And I appreciate the desire to reintroduce the character in modern fashion.

    The Little Archie digest(ish)-sized TPBs they've released were lots of fun according to both me and my nieces — except they requested more Little Betty, as the first volume especially was rather bereft of girls. Bob Bolling even did a new story in Volume Two, so anyone who has fond memories of his stuff should check that out. I haven't got the Pureheart book yet, but I probably will before I see the kids again — Archie and superheroes together might be as awesome to them as Wonder Woman; she's extra cool because she's a superhero and a princess.

    Hey, I just realized that Brian Michael Bendis might have something to say about the "new" Jinx. 8^)

  3. I really think Archie continuity now makes the best sense. Somehow they've outlasted Marvel which is now blasting itself into oblivion.