A Wing and a Prayer

Batman, apparently dead, lying in an open coffin with his arms crossed over his chest and cape swaddled around his feet

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  1. Whoa. For a book you didn't particularly like, Blam, you sure had a lot say about it. ; )

    I would almost swear that in one shot Kubert et al. are homaging Dave Gibbons doing a gloss on the Carmine Infantino & Murphy Anderson look as swiped from a Staton panel.

    Am I crazy to see what you mean?

    The ending to "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" has struck readers as variously trite and profound,

    I think I geeked out to this story more than you did, but at the end, to quote Dorothy Parker, "Tonstant Weader fwowed up." Nice idea, maybe; poor execution.

    Nigma reveals that the title of "When Is a Door" is not necessarily the start of a riddle but a statement unto itself.

    I never noticed this before. You're absolutely right and it's fricking brilliant. How did I never notice this before?

    Really looking forward to more comics stuff, especially if it's as insightful as this, and sorry for not having the time for the comments you deserve. Maybe soon.