F Is for...

Cold, snowed in, or otherwise fed up with the forecast in your area? Mixing scatology and meteorology at The F---ing Weather might take the edge off the bad news.

Pink balloon animal offering up its posterior to a blue one

While I’m not big on swearing myself, I find the dash-dash-dash deal pretty disingenuous. At the same time, I know that some people are totally thrown for a loop by such language. So just to be clear: The above website spells things out, no fudging, flaming, flipping, frigging, freaking, fricking, or frakking substitutes. Those of you who can handle animated condom creatures getting it on, meanwhile, absolutely must check out the award-winning Durex commercial [0:30] that’s garnered production company Superfad a pair of Clios for excellence in advertising. Maybe they can help solve the problem that dooms stick people to extinction [bad link].

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