Nowhere Man

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  1. You are a weird and wonderful watermelon, my man.

  2. Yet it's watch-ing us all with the eyyyyyyyyyyyes
    Of a priiiiiiimate!

    I needed a good early-morning laugh. Thanks, buddy!

  3. I love anything that includes a spoof on eye of the tiger.

  4. Awesome free associations! I love it.

    Any idea struck me when I was reading your analysis of the names and numbers-Hurley didn't freak out when he saw the numbers on the dial.

    I wonder if that's because, mixed amongst (presumably) 360 numbers, he didn't notice THE NUMBERS like he did on the hatch when they were isolated by their lonesome.

    Or I wonder if that's an indication that he's no longer under their sway, and doesn't put as much stock in them as he used to.

    Most likely? Hurley's reaction/non reaction to the numbers/THE NUMBERS on the dial probably isn't important. :)

    Word verif: nolesses. When you're out of molasses.

  5. I know you're being tongue-in-cheeky, Blam, but your conclusion has a flaw that just popped out at me: Wallace's named is crossed out. So even if Widmore is Wallace -- I don't doubt your cosmic connections! -- he's not a candidate and Jacob wanting Hurley to turn the dial to 108 was not about setting a beacon or whatever for Wallace but getting Jack's attention. The 108 was just a thing for the fans, although you think that even after three-plus years the number 108 would be lodged in Jack's head (assuming his ego has room for such details).

  6. YES! Another free association! ah hahahahahahaha! That was amazing.

    VW: impes - more than one imp

  7. Olympus Mons, on Mars,
    largest known volcano in the solar system,
    a.k.a. Nix Olympica, the Snows of Olympus.
    [Thanks, Grandpa Lamken!]


    And the snowfall! Don't get me started with this again!

  8. JS: I love anything that includes a spoof on eye of the tiger.
    Really it was either type it up or have it in my head for who knows how long, so to have other people enjoy it is just a bonus.

  9. Teebore: I don't know why the Numbers don't set off alarm bells for all of them, but, yeah, Hurley especially. Did he win $108 million or was it some other amount? If the latter, he might only be particularly sensitive about the regular six Numbers. Anyway, good call, and I'm really sorry that I didn't get to interact with you guys at Nik's or read your own recap last week.

  10. Arben: I could've done a better job about pointing out that Wallace was crossed out and so probably not a candidate, yeah, but by the end I was wiped and couldn't see the forest for the trees. Keep me honest, dude!

  11. perhaps she's an alien from Area 51 instead, and that's the real reason she's on the run

    Ahahahahaha... Can you imagine??