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  1. unpicka — The little-known code word in chess that, when shouted within five seconds of touching a piece, lets you select a different piece instead.

    Haha! This also counts with boxes of donuts.

  2. I definitely have WAY too much fun with these verification words. Sometimes I find myself tempted to go onto random blogs just so I can try to define them.

    "Hi there. Don't know you and could care less about whatever you talked about but you had the BEST verification word, so I HAD to post!"

    Verification: qualist - someone who is over focused on keeping everything even.

  3. "New from RonCo! A device guaranteed to fascinate your friends and loved ones! What does it do? It fascinates your friends and loved ones, we just told you. Order today and get not one but two Bewowsors for the price of one... You pay only shipping and handling. Does it work? Didn't you just order two?"

    I will continue to post back your own words followed by "L-O-L!!1!!" until you get back to it, Mister!

  4. I've been writing, Joan, you just haven't seen the results. 8^) Thanks, though. And I did just post some television talk, which if it doesn't disappear should lead to more.

  5. What is happening?! I came back to comment on your new entry and -ZAP- it's gone! Perhaps your dealings with Evil Blam are effecting your blog's ability to retain posts?


    Will she do it? Yes, she will:


  6. What is this place, eh, and wherefore hast the Joan Crawford summoned me? I have many hours of scaring children away from their delicious maple-sugar candies ahead of me. Also, there is a date with a hootenanny, eh.