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I’ve been a DC Comics reader for about 35 years now. While most kids in my generation dropped the comics habit by their teens, occasionally to rediscover the medium in college as it grew up with them, I went the opposite route, hitching my train to the industry and expanding my exposure to the art form. I had to go cold turkey several years ago, unable to work and in financial crisis, but when I finally, hesitantly put my toe back into the waters the first thing I did was check in on the characters I’d loved most dearly.

DC is different today. And while that’s true in the larger sense of these times vs. those times, I mean that DC is actually different today. Paul Levitz is stepping down as President and Publisher of DC Comics after a long tenure in corporate positions, and its parent company has announced the formation of DC Entertainment. [bad links]

You can find background on, analysis of, and gossip about these moves from various perspectives all over cyberspace. Right here and now I’d just like to issue what I will laughingly call a “public” thank-you to a genuinely nice guy for doing his heartfelt best in bringing his perspectives as a reader and creator to the office in the often seemingly thankless job of running DC Comics as a business, and to congratulate him on being able to return to writing the feature with which he may be most closely associated, Legion of Super-Heroes, redefining the future once more.

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  1. That's a quite magnanimous send-off to Mr. Levitz, all things considered.

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  3. That's a quite magnanimous send-off to Mr. Levitz, all things considered.
    I don't think he was involved in that situation in any way except getting some misinformation after the fact, Arb, but I'm so glad you brought it up. ;^P