Losing It

The Phillies lost the first game of the season tonight. I know there’ll be 161 more, but
it’s always nice to get a win Opening Day — especially when you’re the defending World Series champs and you have a history of bad Aprils.

Three 'Garfield Minus Garfield' strips

So when is losing a good thing?

The above is a trio of installments of Web sensation Garfield Minus Garfield, invented by Dan Walsh. It takes existing Garfield strips and loses Garfield, leaving us with the sad, deadpan hilarity of Jon Arbuckle alone, perhaps even bereft of his sanity.

Jim Davis, the creator and owner of Garfield, didn’t sue Walsh but instead asked him
to write the foreword to a collection of Garfield Minus Garfield strips, some done by Walsh and some by Davis himself, published alongside the originals. I haven’t seen the book yet, and I’m skeptical about the gag working as well when the actual strips with Garfield in them are right there, but my pal Tony Isabella recently gave both the concept and the extras in the book a rave review.

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  1. I've seen the Garfield minus Garfield book and it really loses the humor when you see the original on the same page as the minus one. They should have had the original on the next page so you could get the impact of the minus one first.