Which Doctor?

Peter Capaldi as new Doctor in blue jacket with red lining turned out, vest underneath, dark slacks, and black Doc Martens, gesturing at camera with serious look
Photo: Steve Brown / BBC © 2014.

The BBC released a promo shot of Peter Capaldi in the outfit he’ll be wearing as the
12th Doctor on Doctor Who last week, and… he reminds me of Doctor Strange.

I’ve thought before that Capaldi would be a good fit in that role, albeit older then might be ideal from the studio’s perspective. Then again, Robert Downey Jr. is pushing 50 and Michael Douglas has been cast as Henry Pym at 69. Stephen Strange needn’t engage in much physical action. How cool would it be to see him operating behind the scenes in those Netflix Marvel series that will result in a Defenders project?

The amulet is missing, as is the usual cloak, not to mention Strange’s trademark facial hair — but it wouldn’t take much to turn this very outfit into a compromise practical for live-action. Capaldi even has the Steve Ditko hands going.

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