Cynicalman Gets Schooled

One stick figure, Stupid Boy, exchanging hellos with another, Cynicalman
Panel © 2014 and Cynicalman ® Matt Feazell.

I’ve guest-written a strip for Matt Feazell that just went live at the Cynicalman website. Episodes don’t get updated online as often as they used to, but I’m still not
sure how long it’ll be there before a new one replaces it and it’s archived for eventual collection. Speaking of which, The Amazing Cynicalman Volumes 1 & 2 — highly recommended; ditto any or all Feazell minicomics you care to grab — are available via that same website. Matt’s been doing hilarious work with astounding economy of line since the days people mailed paper to one another in envelopes. I’m hoping to contribute more gags in the future... like he needs my help.

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