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  1. That sure takes me back. Heck, any Gaspar lettering takes me back; like you, though, early-mid '70s is my sweet spot.

    You're probably a better art spotter than I, but to my eyes that could easily be Giordano.


  2. I just updated the post to add some GCD eyes' votes for Giordano. Like I said, he could be versatile, and I've been suspecting that maybe Bully was right about him after all based on his more flowery romance work, although I realize it's gonna sound like a convenient change of heart to match the experts' opinions.

  3. So colors aside but letters included the art is Infantino/Giordano/Saladino. Love it!

  4. How am I to stomach a conversation where someone could think, even for one minute, that that's Giordano's lettering?

    And before you zap me with your phasers or whatever, let me say this:


  5. I realize it's gonna sound like a convenient change of heart to match the experts' opinions.

    You're one of the experts, Blam, as far as I'm concerned.
    I'll just ignore Joan.

  6. Honestly, though, I don't remember ever seriously considering the idea; my parents surely would've been open to a sub as a birthday gift.

    I'm in the same boat. I'm pretty sure I never seriously considered buying a subscription to a comic because it was a lot of money up front for delayed gain. Yeah, that $10 or whatever would buy me 12 comics over the course of a year, but it could also buy me 9 comics RIGHT NOW, and, well, I was a pretty "instant gratification" kind of kid.

    Maybe that's the same reason I never asked for a subscription as a gift - it's hard to wrap, and then you're not actually "getting" anything for your birthday for another month or two...

    Thanks for reminding me about Bully's blog, too. I used to go there more regularly, but like many blogs, it's fallen down my reading list of late. But I really need an effort to check it out more regularly, cuz he's got some great stuff.

  7. I never got a sub, either. The delayed gratification may indeed have been a big part of why. I'm also pretty sure that I just didn't trust the mail, condition-wise, and preferred to scan the racks at the drug store or, later, the comics shop (where I could subscribe via pull list by high school) for the sheer fun of it.

    Dunno if you're done tinkering, by the way, Blam, but I wanted to say that I really dig the latest logo redesign. The main lettering looks even tighter, brighter, and as LK might say more lickable than ever.


  8. @Arben, @Teebore — I'm beginning to think (semi-remember, even) that instant vs. delayed gratification was a part of it.

    @Joan — ...