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Fringe 5.12 Liberty / 5.13 An Enemy of Fate / Photo of Abagayle Hardwick as young Henrietta holding daisies

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  1. I finally finished the Fringe finale earlier this week and remembered I wanted to come read your take on it.

    I agree with a lot of your take. It was not the best season of Fringe, but I liked the ending, and the focus on the whole father/child dynamic between Walter and Peter and then Peter and Anna. Even if Olivia got shorted this season.

    I found one thing interesting. You saw the death of Windmark as Olivia's doing, which both the wife and I thought, until they cut to Michael and his enigmatic "shh" motion. We both took that as it was actually Michael that moved that got Windmark but he didn't want Olivia to spill the beans that he had that kind of power.

  2. Mike Nielsen01 February, 2013

    By the way, that above comment was from me. :)

    Mike Nielsen


  3. Earlier, Michael had put his finger up to his lips in the same fashion. I think that it was less an indication that he was doing the "heavy lifting" and more a signal to Olivia to relax and let the solution (in the first instance) or the power (in the latter instance) come to her.

    Thanks for commenting, Mike!

  4. We finally saw this over the weekend. I'm too wiped to comment, and I haven't even read the post in full, but although I've been more generous towards this season than you I like what I've read so far.