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Use His Face in a Frying Pan

Spider-Man's head as the end of a spatula

Williams-Sonoma is selling a Marvel Spider-Man Flexible Spatula.

How freaking awesome is that?

I just recently got one as a gift, along with a Spider-Man Cupcake-Decorating Kit. The latter is no longer available from the Williams-Sonoma website; neither is the Marvel Heroes Cupcake-Decorating Kit featuring Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. I’m linking to them anyway in case that changes and including some images below ’cause they’re freaking awesome.

Spider-Man and Green Goblin figures on iced cupcakes
Hulk, Iron Man,  Thor, and Captain America figures on iced cupcakes

The spatula, however, is both available and discounted at this writing, as are Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America versions — marked down from $14.95 to $7.99 individually, from $49.95 to $29.99 for the set of four. Shipping is extra. You may well be able to find all the products in stores or from other online vendors. The cookies in the shot of the spatula quartet are, naturally, from the Marvel Heroes Cookie-Cutter Set, which like the other spatulas is viewable and orderable from the first link in this post. I get no kickback from these and can’t actually speak to their quality; so far the only test the Spider-Man spatula has had is making it through the dishwasher all right, although I look forward to folding an omelet with it soon. (Fun fact: I have eaten radioactive eggs. I did not gain the proportionate strength and abilities of a chicken embryo.)

Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America's heads at the end of spatulas, with cookie sheet

Update #1: I’d forgot that I set aside my spatula’s tag for a reason — namely, the hilarious promotional text inviting you to “[t]eam up with Spider-Man as he battles evil and spreads justice throughout the universe” before touting “the heat resistance of the nylon-silicone spatula head and the secure grip of the stainless-steel handle.” Also pertinent is that the item is made in China. You’ll have to decide for yourself how to balance that against the kitsch of a come-on that includes the sentence
“The action begins with this official Marvel Heroes spatula.” While I’d certainly rather hear that the stuff was manufactured in the United States, (a) the details of the Avengers cupcake figures nail my nostalgic sweet spot perfectly and (b) the very idea of a Spider-Man spatula head is brilliant, so my own assessment remains totally freaking awesome.

Update #2: The spatula has been used. Spider-Man helped me toss some leftover pasta in a pan with a makeshift carbonara sauce. I don’t know if justice was served, but dinner was, and it tasted yummy.

Update #3: My links to the products at Williams-Sonoma are dead, unfortunately,
and the spatula has joined the other products in no longer being available.

Photos © 2011 Williams-Sonoma.
Character likenesses and packaging
TM/® Marvel.

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  1. I'd have gone with "flipping awesome" myself, in terms of minced oats, but... Yeah, I agree, that's pretty awesome. Also, I love that they could clearly only afford three colors, so red/black/yellow Iron Man has no white in his eyes and, more obviously, blue/black/white Captain America has no attempt at flesh tone.


  2. Captain America has no attempt at flesh tone

    I wonder if was a limitation of the material as much as (or versus) the cost factor of introducing another blend of colors.

    "Flipping awesome" would have been perfect, Arb. How did I not think of that?


  3. PS: I love the (presumed) typo "minced oats" for "minced oaths" given the subject matter.