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The Black Racer emerging from a Boom Tube in the sky / 'So, Destiny has changed and my my course and takes me here -- to Earth!
Splash panel of The Black Racer from The New Gods #3 © 1971
DC Comics. Script, Pencils: Jack Kirby. Inks: Vince Colletta.
Letters: John Costanza. Colors: Unknown.

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  1. You were right that the hits keep on coming — Hal David and now Michael Clarke Duncan.

    Gots ta love the Kirby... I really like what you say about him throwing everything at the wall and only caring what stuck in that it meant that's what he would keep doing. Surely it's more complicated than this, and I don't know what was in the man's heart (which itself surely changed, and perhaps in certain respects even hardened, over time), but I get the sense that he was at once totally committed to whatever he was doing, especially the stuff he really "owned" (in concept albeit not, sadly, legally), and could dismiss whatever he'd just done in favor of the next thing, even the stuff he really "owned". I know he was of a generation where men, dreamers included, defined themselves in large part by whether they could put food on the table (not that this is exclusively the purview of yesteryear), but I also gather that Roz cleared as much of a path for him as she could to do things his way, particularly once they'd moved out to California. One can only wonder what more/else he'd have done if he'd been more secure financially earlier or had a business partner like Simon running interference for him in his feverishly creative latter days.

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