Ozy Ozy Ozy

I know that the above won't mean anything to anyone who hasn't both seen Game
of Thrones
and read Watchmen, but I'm guessing that a large swath of this blog's dedicated visitors is folks who have.

Adrian Veidt, the genius tactician known as Ozymandias, clearly has more going on upstairs than petulant boy king Joffrey Baratheon even if you factor in their age difference. Yet my mind immediately jumped to Veidt when I saw a certain picture of Joffrey yesterday, and I was fortunate enough to quickly find images of the insufferably entitled characters in similar poses. Veidt certainly would've made a fine Lannister.

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  1. "Whoa"? Don't you mean "Oy, oy, oy"? Ha!

  2. I totally want Joffrey to be Ozymandias' brat sidekick. (Kid Rameses?)

  3. ... The Adventures of Ozymandias When He Was a Boy.

  4. Man, I'd really like to think that I could whip up a little drawing while watching the game tonight, but I'm afraid that it's only going to end up in frustration.