I have my sister to thank for this most excellent video link featuring my favorite character on Glee, whose new season premieres at 8 p.m. ET tonight on Fox.

Heather Morris as Brittany, a young woman in red and white high-school cheerleader uniform with blond hair pulled up into ponytail gesturing at photos of herself in that same outfit on a wall
Video screenshot crop © 2011 Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Heather Morris does the voodoo that she does so well — and which I’ve praised before — in “A Day in the Life of Brittany S. Pierce”. If you watch the show, you already know that you want to see this. If you don’t, you should still be able to enjoy it on its own; in fact, I dare you to watch until (or just skip to) the 0:39 mark, when Brittany explains why she’s riding a bike, and not want to continue.

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