The Key of F'd Up

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  1. Disgruntled?

    What game is this? And what does one have to do around here to get Blam-Blam! to respond to a comment? Oh, I see, say something of importance. How typical.

  2. Hello, Joan. It's so nice to see you. Your thorassic cavity is looking particularly sepia today.

  3. And your cranium is looking lovely in shades of gray, as always. Good day.

    VW: Entor!

    How my new superhero, Beastor invites his guests inside.

  4. Suplamp — 1. n. A light fixture used at the dinner table. 2. Casual greeting to that (or any) light fixture.

    When I read the second meaning for this one, I read it in the tone that Andy Samburg uses when he being Mark Wahlberg.

    "Sup Lamp? Say Hello to your mother for me."

  5. I asked a friend to help me think of more Blam puns the other day. So, yes, I *am* invited to all the best parties.

    She says: "What's your Blam?"
    Me: "What?"
    Friend: "You know, like, 'What's your beef'?"
    M: "Sure...but that still makes no sense. The saying would have to be 'What's your ham?' to make any sense."
    F: "It should be ham instead of beef.
    M: "I'll give you that but, you're not helping."
    F: "Where's the Blam?"

  6. Jenn: Me too. Really!

  7. Joan: I take it that in your world "best" = "the only ones that will have you [hosted by equally strange people]".

  8. panthyl — n. Part panther, part pterodactyl, all awesome.


    Seems like I always get the best VWs when I'm on blogs where people don't leave definitions. I need to start writing them down

    VW: crusio - something with a ship and o's - all right, drawing a blank here.