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  1. << What bums me up is >> Ha! Ya gotta love them Festrunk Brothers... Yeah, I liked her. Wife enjoys The L Word, so it took some getting used to seeing her on CSI but I'm sorry to see her go. I don't know why it had to be either/or with her or Jorja Fox, though.

  2. I've been denying myself Mad Men just because I hate starting watching something new only to get caught in it!

    As for Lost, let's not forget the message Dom supposedly had on his hand when he waved to the audience:

    Am I dead?

    He's been a referenced character often and a key cog in the show. The ABC promo, the Dexter Straton ring, the Comi-Con appearance... these can't all be coincidences.

    I'm coming up with a theory that I'm not sure I want to post yet, I want to elaborate on it in more details before giving it out!