Swift Kicks

Taylor Swift in the midst of rapping, wearing a track jacket and blinged-out cap

The CMT Music Awards show last week opened with a laugh-out-loud — or at least grin-really-wide — collaboration between T-Pain, who even talks in vocoder, and Taylor Swift called “Thug Story”. [1:30]

It’s worth a look if you’re familiar with Swift; even better if you catch the references to not just her hit song “Love Story” but T-Pain’s appearance in the SNL Digital Short “I’m on a Boat” with Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer, who collaborate as The Lonely Island. (You probably know them from the infamous “Dick in a Box” and the awesome Natalie Portman rap.)

CMT’s blog has a behind-the-scenes look at the genesis of “Thug Story”; the full opening of the Music Awards show is also online, including Taylor’s surprise scene in the new Star Trek movie. [Update: All the CMT video links have, sadly, gone bad.]


  1. Bahaha!!! High-larious... thanks for putting this up.

    "You're out clubbing? Buh I just made caramel delite."

  2. "I'm a member of... MySpace! Do you do MySpace?" LOL!

  3. De nada, Benny. I didn't actually see the show, just got tipped off to the video by a friend. The link to the whole opening was a last-minute addition, after looking for an URL that went directly to CMT, but the Star Trek bit might be just as funny as the video.