Fry Kook

So, I came across this recently.

Porky Pig steering a rocket ship with top hatch open, smiling back at Bugs Bunny, who's in a chef's hat shaking pepper onto eggs and bacon in a frying pan held over the ship's flaming exhaust
Cover to Bugs Bunny #31 © 1953 Warner Bros. Pencils, Inks: Ralph Heimdahl.

There’s no shortage of absurdity here, but of course this kind of entertainment doesn’t exactly call for us to question anthropomorphic animals flying an open-air rocket ship without oxygen masks or spacesuits while one of them cooks breakfast over shooting flames that wouldn’t actually be present in the vacuum of space. (Looney Tunes: It’s right in the name.) You are, however, free to ponder why Porky Pig is so happy about his buddy frying up some bacon.

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