Neon Regenesis

Alameda with the Emcee from 'The Elementary Spacetime Show' looking up at LED constellations

Ellen Winter, cousin of my cousins on the other side, is associate musical director
and keyboardist of The Elementary Spacetime Show. The new production written by C├ęsar Alvarez and directed by Andrew Neisler is playing through Sept. 24th as part of the 2016 Fringe Festival in Philly. You can find out more on Facebook.

I don’t usually plug timely, local stuff here but it got a great review in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer and of course experimental, independent art plus familial connection is a perfect storm for deserved signal-boosting. While I’d already been hoping to go, “a tradition of fantasy, science, philosophy, and humor that includes Lewis Carroll, Doctor Who, Monty Python, Willy Wonka, and the ideas of physics and cosmology” pushes so many of my buttons. [Update: I found the show provocative and great fun on the whole. Keep an eye out for workshops or performances in your area if it sounds at all like your kind of scene! The Inquirer article is now behind a subscriber paywall but you can read a synopsis, listen to some numbers, and check out several fantastic photos that really capture the show’s aesthetic on Alvarez’ website.]

The material does merit a trigger warning for those who may have struggled with or
lost a loved one to depression.

Photo of Salty Brine as the Emcee and Aris Louis as Alameda: Eric Wolfe.

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