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Kickstartin' Something

The Kickstarter campaign for a print edition of Dean Trippe's Something Terrible launched this past Friday.

profile of downcast boy inside silhouette of Batman's cowl

A poignant, inspiring piece of work, Terrible is drawn (in more than one sense) from the author's experiences of childhood sexual abuse. Dark as the short, 14-page story is — about kids, for anybody who has ever been a kid, but not for kids themselves — it brightens as Trippe's younger self finds strength in Batman and other fictional heroes, unfolding mostly in sharp, haunting two-color panels. You can pledge as little as $1 and receive a PDF of the original, 18-page version of the book (including cover, credits, afterword, and acknowledgments). Among the campaign's stretch goals are a new
4-page epilogue and upgrade of the print edition to hardcover.

vignettes from boy's life -- in Batman costume, getting punched by a bully at school, reading comics

Something Terrible images created by and © 2013 Dean Trippe.
Logo: Hannah Nance Partlow. Batman iconography ® DC Comics.

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