Fett Peeve

I'd hoped to have a different post up here for what has become the annual observance
of Star Wars Day — May the 4th (as in, "... be with you"). That ain't happenin', so you get an enhanced repeat instead.

Boba Fett in armor with various accoutrements pointing a gun at something out of frame
Photo of Boba Fett in Return of the Jedi © 1983 Lucasfilm.

My younger friends think Boba Fett's a chump for dying (or not) in the Sarlacc pit. And I get that much of the mystery around Fett was ruined by seeing him as a kid in the prequels; same with Darth Vader, frankly. To many in my generation, however, the prequels aren't real Star Wars. When all we knew of Boba Fett was what you see in the photo above, nothing more than an enigmatic bounty hunter clad in a hodgepodge of beat-up weaponry that got faithfully reproduced as a kick-ass 12" Kenner action figure, I promise you: Boba Fett was awesome.

Armored figure of Boba Fett with blaster damage to his smoking torso lying prone on cracked dry ground with caption 'Boba Fett is dead.'
Page from Star Wars: Blood Ties — Boba Fett Is Dead © 2012 Lucasfilm.

I posted the preceding paragraph on Facebook, and then here, in February but it became a casualty of either gremlins or my own negligence or both. The image directly above, meanwhile, is something that I stumbled across in the interim — the opening to Star Wars: Blood Ties — Boba Fett Is Dead, a miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics last year and collected in trade paperback this January. I can't vouch for its quality, as I haven't read Star Wars comics in a couple of decades (nor anything else from the vast Expanded Universe, which is what this post was going to be about); I'm just glad to get even semi-canonical confirmation that Boba Fett did make it out of the Sarlacc pit, regardless of how he ended up.

Updated and revised June 2019

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