Shane Victorino of the Phillies having just swung the bat
Photo: Jeff Robertson for The Associated Press © 2012.

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  1. Just realized that I never responded to this...

    I do hate to see Victorino and Pence go, because they (one for much longer than the other) really defined the current team for me, but on the other hand I really understand why these trades have to be made. The core is definitely aging. We're in for a much bigger turnover within the next, oh, 5 years at the outside for sure.

    How about Kendrick, though, and us being just one game away from at least a numerically redemptive .500 on the season given how things had been going? Maybe even a Wild Card berth — weird!


  2. No Wild Card berth, which is fine (given, as you say, how the first half of the season went), but I'd really like to go 2-2 at worst over the last 4 games to avoid a losing season.

    And, yeah, I'm bracing for a very different core Phillies team, likely with a new skipper, not too long from now.