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And now just under 2 minutes of increasing weirdness titled "A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square"...

I came across it the other day on Mark Evanier's News from ME, a frequent recommendation of mine. The fact that it turns out to be [spoiler warning, kinda-sorta, maybe] a promotional video for TNT in Belgium is somewhat disappointing, but even though it's a commercial it's still a fun little thing.

You'll find no links to last week's late-night laughs in this post because I'm behind on the Comedy Central tandem of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert — "the cable twins," as their idol, the host of CBS's The Late Show with David Letterman, called them during his short-lived Twitter venture.

I'm sharing a Letterman clip from the week before last, however, presenting an edited 4 minutes of his sit-down with Allison Williams. The daughter of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and co-star of HBO's Girls (which premiered earlier tonight to solid reviews, so yay on my fellow Obie Lena Dunham, writer/director of the film 
Tiny Furniture and creator of Girls) charmed Dave, me, and I suspect most of the other males watching, even as she made me feel danged old with an anecdote about wanting a prospective crush to ping her on AOL Instant Messenger in 4th grade.

Williams looked awfully familiar and I finally made the connection that she was the vocalist in the Videos Recorded Live mashup of "Nature Boy" and the Mad Men theme that I linked to in a 2010 post. It's well worth clicking through now if you didn't see it then or, heck, even if you did, with the caveat that it always gets stuck in my head. "Nature Boy" is a standard that you'll probably recognize, written by Eden Ahbez, popularized by Nat King Cole and since recorded by folks from Frank Sinatra to David Bowie. The Mad Men theme is actually a snippet of an instrumental piece composed and recorded by RJD2 called "A Beautiful Mine".

I'm also sharing a piece from the previous week's run of The Colbert Report titled "Dirt-Bike Badass in the Lincoln Tunnel". Just to be completely honest, I suspect of myself that although the 3-minute segment is an amusing reflection of our wired culture it really just provides an excuse for me to display the most awesome part of that segment.

On a scale of 1 to fake 1952 Avengers trailer it's at least a Darth Vader as Whistler's Mother — for yours truly, anyway, having grown up in the era of Evel Knievel. Near as I can tell, the take on Washington Crossing the Delaware was mocked up by the Colbert staff just for this throwaway gag and deserves to be savored.

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