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If some of these links seem more appropriate to last week, it's because that's when they were scheduled to appear.

Jennifer Lawrence, who stars in some movie out now, stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman on Mar. 20th for an absolutely delightful appearance. You should play the full episode over at CBS's website even if you only want to watch her sit-down, which begins at the 15-minute mark, because the video snippets also found there don't cover her entire segment.

I loved how goofy and genuine she was. From the few interviews with him I've read, I suspect that Dave really did too, and I hope that her burgeoning success — as the lead in a blockbuster film franchise, already an Oscar nominee last year for her great work in the indie drama Winter's Bone — never leads to her becoming too polished.

College Humor has some fun retro PSAs up now, done by Caldwell Tanner and Nathan Yaffe, spoofing The Hunger Games.

While one pop-culture phenomenon was ruling the box office last weekend, another was returning to TV. Mad Men had been off the air — well, not the air, 'cause it's on AMC, but, y'know, off the cable and satellite-dish pipelines — for an astounding 17 months before Season Five premiered on Sunday. Don Draper says "What?"

AMC ran a couple of ads for Mad Men referencing its more recent hit, The Walking Dead. One, all of 16 seconds, showed the frequently hung-over cast of characters staggering like zombies, silent except for TWD's familiar title music. The other, about 30 seconds long, had not just the music but a voiceover noting parallels between the shows.

College Humor apparently succeeded in getting the hashtag #killcarlalready to trend on Twitter the night of Mar. 18th for The Walking Dead's Season Two finale. In case you haven't watched the episode yet, a couple of weeks down the road, I won't tell you whether the little snot (played by Chandler Riggs, one of several Bobby Drapers — Bobbys Draper? — on Mad Men) survived, but frankly you don't even have to watch the show to enjoy the virtual cottage industry of slamming emotionally wrought Sheriff/Dictator Rick and First Lady Macbeth Lori Grimes' idiot-spawn. I've previously linked to a great cartoon on the subject — at Peter Chiykowski's Rock Paper Cynic, which has since posted the hilariously true chart below — and now I'm pointing you over to College Humor's similar "10 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Should Just Kill Carl". It's actually not a list per se, but rather a numbered running monologue, but it's danged funny.

The big non-network television event this Sunday night is
Game of Thrones, as Season Two of the sprawling saga launches on HBO. Last summer violinist Jason Yang performed a multi-track violin arrangement of Ramin Djawadi's opening theme for the show that runs 2 minutes. You'll have plenty of time left on your 'Net-surfing break to click on other videos, like the acoustic-guitar rendition of the theme, or the rock version, or the rock/violin mashup.

Last up this week but staying with the same theme, as it were, is a clever video sketch that requires some familiarity with Game of Thrones and... well, I don't want to spoil the surprise.

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  1. Have you seen The Hunger Games yet? I just got back from seeing it and of course I want to stomp around and flail my arms like I always do.


  2. I have indeed. And I started writing a review that night but I've been too exhausted to finish it; hopefully I at least got down enough notes that I'll remember most of what I wanted to say. You're welcome to rant about whatever you want here, although since I still plan to post my review I probably won't say much on this comments page.

    You do have a blog yourself, you know.

  3. You do have a blog yourself, you know.

    Yeah, I heard a rumor about that...

    I shall wait for your post, Mister Man.

  4. Blammer!
    I left a comment over on an EW PopWatch post that has 27 likes (and counting).
    Someone mentioned that Mirror, Mirror seemed like the perfect Easter movie, and I replied "Because it has a lot of Easter eggs or because audiences will be saying 'Jesus Christ, I can't believe I'm watching this movie'?"
    I thought you'd be proud of me. ^__^

  5. I would 100% take a broom over Lori in a zombie-poc any day of the week and twice on Sunday, regardless of it's a Mad Men premiere Sunday or Game of Thrones premiere Sunday.