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Great poster, huh?

Snazzy poster for 'The Walking Dead' of a woman in an evening gown set full-figure against the giant looming head of Boris Karloff

I came across it while looking up AMC's The Walking Dead via my MacBook's Dictionary app, which as I've mentioned before can be set to include Wikipedia in its searches if you're online. The 1936 Warner Bros. film of the same name, starring Boris Karloff, has no relation to the television series or the comics on which it's based.

Over in her tag-team review of last Sunday's episode of the TV series, lovely and talented blogmistress Nikki Stafford posted a very funny cartoon from Rock Paper Cynic on Mar. 12th regarding the current season. Fair warning: It has a big, honking four-letter word — or, actually, the seven-letter adjectival version of same.

Universal debuted an update of its logo in front of The Lorax a couple of weeks ago. It still has a spinning Earth with the name "Universal" coming into view, but has been recast in a cool blue; also, it adds the words "100th Anniversary" (one guess why) and "A Comcast Company". Comcast, of course, purchased a majority stake in NBCUniversal from General Electric last year.

There's a neat video< of Universal's animated opening logos through time up on YouTube, concluding with the current one. If you watch The Daily Show more often than Universal movies, incidentally, it might feel like the Earth is rotating in the wrong direction in the clip above. When he stopped by for a segment on Feb. 27th, ebullient astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson broke the news to Jon Stewart that the show's opening had it backwards. Sun rises in the East, people!

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games'

Now that I've finished The Hunger Games (only the first book in the trilogy, so no later spoilers please) I'm finally able to enjoy and share a link from my friend El Qué to a brilliant music video parodies Lana Del Rey's "Video Games". You should really watch the original first to see how genius Holly Laurent and friends' parody is in not only referencing The Hunger Games but mimicking Del Rey's voice and the style of "Video Games" (which Del Rey directed too). You should also be aware that the F-word is dropped in the parody.

I haven't seen any previews of the imminent Hunger Games movie, because I hear the medium pretty danged good and I don't want to know in advance how it visualizes certain things from the book. Releasing a stream of actual clips from a film, it seems to me, is less a way to stoke interest than to engender fatigue, and I don't understand why even — especially — someone who's already gung-ho to see the movie would not want to experience it with fresh eyes instead of having large parts revealed in advance. Then again, I'm old and the ways of our 24/7, streaming, oversaturated culture do not compute.

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Update: The X-Men material in this post has been removed for Blogger-related reasons and republished in its own post.

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  1. and with the hopes that at least one item in this post has put a smile on your face

    How about all of them?

    Poster: Cool.
    Cartoon link: Hilarious.
    Universal logos: Neat.
    Daily Show boo-boo: Awesome, never noticed.
    LOLKatniss: Memetastic.
    "Hunger Games" video: Insanely good.
    Wolverine panel: Handsome and, yes, quizzical.
    Kate's "lesbian incest": ?!?!?.
    Doctored panel: LOLKitty.

    I'm really psyched for the Walking Dead finale tonight. The season has definitely been switching gears like someone who can't drive a stick, but I try to chalk up the fact that it's all over the place to its security in being a long-term serialized show. I can't say that the languorous moments and super-charged, adrenaline-rush scenes haven't both been powerful in their own ways — that's kind-of what life, especially life in war, is like — although I can't say that we haven't had some truly stupid shit go down as well.

    The "lesbian incest" thing with Kitty/Kate Pryde makes no sense. She's, like, psychically giving herself a kiss; that's neither lesbian nor incest. On the other hand, I do agree with Byrne that for older Kate to still exist at all after Sen. Kelly was saved does put a whole spin of futility on her actions.

    You're right too about that panel being really sharp and the figure looking nothing like Cockrum's work in terms of Wolverine's body proportions.

    Great stuff, Blam!


  2. How about all of them?

    I'm happy to hear it, Arb.

    Doctored panel: LOLKitty.

    Y'know, I thought that maybe we had a new meme here, but of course a quick Googlin' turns up that Bully got there years ago. The comments are right, too.

    The "lesbian incest" thing with Kitty/Kate Pryde makes no sense. She's, like, psychically giving herself a kiss; that's neither lesbian nor incest.

    I almost included a comment from Sarah Ahiers on Teebore's post that pointed out that Kate was if anything engaging not in "lesbian incest" but "temporal masturbation"; then I decided that "lesbian incest" was going to get me enough weird search hits.

  3. I rather like the new Universal logo (one of my favorite studio logs). Unlike, say, the new DC logo, it updates the look while staying true to the past.

    I really need to read Hunger Games one of these days. With the exception of Twilight, which I intentionally avoid like the plague, I'm usually pretty up on the current pop culture craze is, especially, having worked in a bookstore for fifteen years, when that craze is centered around a book, but somehow I managed to just completely miss the boat on this whole Hunger Games thing.

    You're reprinting of that panel from X-Men #147 reminded me of something I've noticed as part of my series but never had an occasion to mention: the way some panels almost seem to improve when excised from their placement on a page/in sequence.

    The panel you reprinted here completely missed my notice while reading the issue, but looking at here, it does stick out (and looks almost different than it did as part of the page), for all the reasons that you mention.

    I'm not quite sure what to make of that general observation, but it is kind of interesting to see how the same piece of art can work more or less effectively on its own merits or as but one but one piece a larger picture.

    Finally, I'll just say that "lesbian incest" and "temporal masturbation" are indeed great traffic-driving phrases. :)

  4. That poster is great and that video is fantastic and that panel you rewrote is hilarious and I have too much other stuff to do.


  5. Teebore: something I've noticed as part of my series but never had an occasion to mention

    I know what you mean. Now that I've finally got the X-Men material from this post republished on its own, I'll be replying to your comments there ASAP.