Week Links

If you're looking for a laugh amidst pre-Oscar fatigue or, heck, just because, I commend to you a gallery of doctored movie posters over at The Shiznit.

Ali Gray has once again reworked posters for this season's annual glut of prestige films to give them titles and taglines bluntly reflective of what the viewing public and/or the promoters themselves think about them.

Next up is a clip from last Monday's episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, in which The Most Trusted Man in America among 18-to-49-Year-Olds Who Actually Keep Up with Current Events continues to stick it to the three branches of government and the fourth estate largely by simply showing them doing what they do. In this case it's the instant coverage of Whitney Houston's death on CNN.

Ricky Gervais came on the show for Valentine's Day. I, um, could have phrased that better, although if your mind went to a dirty place then the interview, complete with mimed panda humping, will be right up your alley.

Stewart himself visited The Late Show with David Letterman the next evening for a solid segment that's unfortunately not online in its entirety except as part of the full episode. His appearance starts at 17:45, or the second white dot on the bottom. There is an excerpt that includes the best part, which is the very end, but I didn't find it as funny absent the build-up of the audience so clearly enjoying Stewart's material.

And while that's all for today, I have a bunch of posts on deck, including some contributions to your pre-Oscar fatigue and a recommendation for a movie that's about as far from anything nominated this year as you can get.


  1. They don't always spark much in the way of comments, but I really appreciate this series of posts. There's always at least one or two fun things to check out that I completely missed.


  2. Good to hear! I'll keep 'em up for as long as I can. And I know that it can be hard to find the time to comment as well as a hook to hang a comment on.

  3. I love those posters. That's exactly the kind of thing that I wish to hell I had time to do.