The Old Soft Sell

I'll be spiffing up the blog in the coming months — fixing graphics that have broken links or are too big given the recent template switch, and making some other revisions
of varying degree. One change will be the addition of links to related items sold on Amazon in certain posts. Why?

'' logo: the website name in black sans-serif type, 'amazon' boldfaced, with a curved gold line running from under the 'a' to the 'z' where it concludes with an arrowhead

Cue the boilerplate: Blam's Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

When you go through a dedicated link here to visit Amazon, items you place in your
cart and buy during that visit — until the session times out, so don't wait long — may result in me getting a (small) commission, as may streaming videos, downloads, or services purchased in that time.

I don't want these links to be obtrusive, and under no circumstances will my ability to materially benefit from links to Amazon influence the things that I review or the extent to which I recommend them. I just thought that it made sense to join the affiliate program since I often reference items that Amazon has in stock. I still hope and even prefer that you patronize retailers in your own community when possible, but if the lowest price is an absolute necessity or you simply have no alternative but to order online I also hope that you'll choose to click through here.

Some of my readers have asked why I've not yet monetized the blog in various ways. Right now it doesn't cost me more than my time and energy — and while they're definitely precious resources, I'm not ready to clutter up the page with advertising or solicit donations. I figure that showing your appreciation for any enjoyment you get out of what I put together here by letting me pocket a thin slice of the sale of a book or movie that you're interested in because I wrote about it is a happy medium.

Updated and revised June 2019

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