The Long and Short of Smallville

Tom Welling as Clark Kent dressed in black standing in front of the S symbol used for 'Superman Returns' and on another mirror-like symbol which reflects him in the familiar blue suit, red boots, and cape, although it tapers off after his legs

Just the short for now:

Smallville's series finale repeats on The CW tonight from 8 to 10 p.m. ET/PT.

I watched it when it originally aired last Friday, with hope, skepticism, and ultimately the same disappointment familiar to me from throughout the show's 10-year run. Y
ou've probably already seen it if you cared at all about this controversial take on the Superman saga, but if you haven't and spoilers in my overdue series review will bother you then you should tune in.

The long has proven tremendously difficult to get published, and if I can't do so soon it'll have to hang out on the ever-growing scrapheap of abandoned posts. I certainly hope it will be online by this fall, when Smallville: The Complete Series is released by Warner Home Video in a 62-disc collectible package with all 218 episodes and special features not available on the season-by-season boxed sets; past that point, nobody including me will give a fallow acre until Superman's 75th anniversary a couple of years out.

Assuming your connection is better than mine, you
 should be able to access the final episodes at the CW Network website for at least a month after this post is published. The two-part series finale is available for the price of one episode on iTunes, $1.99 standard or $2.99 for HD, and as Forces of Geek recently reported iTunes also has the premieres of Seasons One through Ten available for free download for a limited time in partnership with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, with discounted prices on full seasons.