I Want to Punch Blogger in the Face Again,
Repeatedly, and This Time with a Cestus

Now, I'm not a violent person, but just as it did a couple of months back — and has frequently since, without me bothering to post about it — Blogger is really priming
my pugilistic pumps.

The closest I can come to acting on this impulse, of course, is ramming my fist into my laptop screen, which beyond giving me a very brief stress release will solve exactly zero problems and could in fact create an extremely big one. I don’t want to buy a new computer.

After believing I'd found a way to work around at least some of the quirks of Blogger's new editing interface — like having a smaller Normal size for the Georgia font than it used to, while Large is still much bigger than the old Normal — by pasting in HTML from old posts as a base for new ones, I went ahead and proclaimed that a new round
of blogging was underway. Ha!

When emending an entry the other day it became evident that simply going in to edit
an extant post, new or old, even before I changed a single thing, gave Blogger license to work its screw-up magic, eliminating line breaks, centering previously right-justified images, and wrapping text around those images oddly for no discernible reason — plus, as I mentioned at the end of that entry after finally correcting it by copying the entire code and pasting it into a new post (just because I figured it was worth a try; "luckily"
I learned to save the HTML of every post to my computer early on as insurance due to posts disappearing), if there's an errant tag in the HTML Blogger won't let me freaking save the post let alone flip over to Compose view without fixing said errant tag despite the fact that there's not necessarily any way to find it, leaving the process essentially frozen. Me trying to right one little typo was an exercise in total frustration that, after I employed the new-post workaround a second time, gave Blogger the last laugh because I had pasted in older code that predated the initial reposting and so the typo was fixed while the earlier change was undone, yet I can't scrap the post and put up a corrected version as a new post now without losing the comments that have since been left.

The irony is that in the past it seemed that whenever I’d announce some kind of hiatus in blogging the posts would start to flow again, whereas more recently if I'm so bold as to advertise my intention to resume activity I have immediate reason to regret doing so. Although scheduling posts in advance worked nicely a month ago, today I'd have no confidence in how they'd turn out upon going live, since the so-called Classic post editor has been yanked for good, while my stated hopes of two months back and just the other day were obviously foolish thinking.

Present efforts suggest that I should expect these problems to continue — right this minute there are random extra line breaks and size changes cropping up in the Preview window that aren't visible here in the Compose window, so to keep them from being as depleting and defeating as possible I'll probably stick to shorter posts with fewer or no graphics until finally abandoning ship. The situation with Blogger is bad enough now that I'd love to switch over to the new host yesterday, but that requires a more stable Internet connection, and I haven't been able to pick up the new gadget that will make that possible.

Clearly, I'm dealing with a cosmos that not only doesn't like me monkeying with my posts after they've been published, which is arguably understandable since perfection-ism isn't the most desirable trait in the blogging realm; it doesn't like me correcting posts at all, or trying to outwit Blogger in any fashion, or even dealing with a Blogger that's consistent in any way outside of maddeningly, consistently inconsistently mess-ing with things out of the blue, which are progressively less understandable unless the message is to stop talking about leaving Blogger and just do it already. I'm as tired of hearing me harp on this topic as you are.


  1. Which browser do you use? This might be a stupid thought (what we in the IT help community call a "is the power on?" question) but maybe Blogger doesn't work well with your browser, or vice versa?


  2. I have the same problems in both Chrome and Safari, which aren't giants on the order of Firefox or Explorers but ain't small potatoes either (with, I would imagine, greater market share among Mac users like myself). And I see lots of like complaints about Blogger around the Interwebs. I used to try to get help through the service's documentation and forums, but the signal-to-noise ratio as well as efficacy of specific proposed solutions when discovered were just too low to waste my time there.

    You've never had issues with Blogger?

  3. @Blam: You've never had issues with Blogger?

    Not really, certainly nothing on the magnitude with which you've had to deal.

    It can be a little buggy for me sometimes, and likes to randomly insert line breaks that can only be removed by going into HTML and I feel like their page formatting, especially in regards to pictures, has only gotten worse with time, not better. But nothing that makes me think it'd be a whole lot better anywhere else (everything has its bugs from time to time) and certainly nothing close to the level of your struggles.

    I know Blogger has a poor reputation among the interwebs, and the only thing less helpful than their support is Microsoft's, so I'm not at all surprised that's been a dead end for you.

    I'm using Firefox, but short of using some crusty old version of IE, I'd be surprised if the browser made much of a difference, at least in this day and age, especially Chrome and Safari, which aren't exactly upstart browsers still working out their kinks.

    It just sucks that blogger is such a pain for you, if for no other reason than it's costing the rest of us more Blam!

  4. Blam has weird Murphy's Law technology vibes. I've seen things turn on and off around him or clearly not work properly for him when they work fine for other people (and not because he's being ignorant). He can also hear and "feel" pitches that are beyond normal ken, like "I think you left your monitor on... upstairs."


  5. What Arben says is true, but I really don't see how that explains my problems with Blogger. The laptop going buggy, sure... Cyberspace itself, though, can't be affected electrostatic-whatsit craziness; it's not like I'm touching any hardware other than my own.

    Teebore: It can be a little buggy for me sometimes, and likes to randomly insert line breaks that can only be removed by going into HTML and I feel like their page formatting, especially in regards to pictures, has only gotten worse with time, not better.

    Not only is all of that affecting me in spades, well beyond the order of "a little buggy" for sure, but when I go into HTML and supposedly fix something Blogger plays Whac-a-Mole by having something else pop up; I've taken away an extra line break only to find that the result is no line break at all, or, and this is utterly insane, had font sizes of medium change to large as if there quite literally a ghost in the machine. Zenzen wakarimasen yo... I don't understand at all, and it's just freakishly frustrating.