Seeing Red

The bloody good news is that I was house-sitting this past week and caught up with
the current season of True Blood via HBO On Demand.

'True Blood' promo image: on viewer left, female vampire's face seen from just below the eyes, down through neck to just before the shoulder begins, cherry red lips open slightly to reveal a fang and her tongue sticking out licking at some blood in the corner of her mouth; on viewer right, name of the show in black and red against negative space.

I'd just recently finished Season Two on DVD, and I was really bummed about having
to wait for a whole year to see where things went in Season Three (dodging spoilers all the while). As I've mentioned here before, True Blood is a pulpy kick. Season One is only available on DVD right now but HBO On Demand has all of Season Two, Season Three to date, and some extras to boot.

Once you’re past the early, kind-of shaky, exposition-heavy episodes, you won't want
to stop. The show has a bunch of fun tie-in websites as well, including the blog of newly turned vampire Jessica Hamby, which includes frequent short-but-sweet video entries. [Note: I can’t find a link that gets you there anymore; sorry.]

The bloody awful news is that on Monday night I was playing with scissors and, in the words of Dan Aykroyd as Julia Child, managed to cut the dickens out of my finger. I’ve found it powerful hard to work the keyboard with one hand, the other raised over my head, bandaged and throbbing, so I should ease up on the typing for a spell.

Updated and revised March 2019

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  1. *This comment has spoilers and talks about guts and stuff! You've been warned*

    Blammy Cakes! I assume you were cutting out letters from magazines for more of your "Thinking of You" notes that you like to send to people anonymously? I hope you finger grows back - though a man with a missing finger never lacks for a conversation starter. I knew a guy with a missing finger. Did you know they offer prosthetic fingers? The ones he had don't move, they just sit there and they aren't quite his skin color and he wore them to weird people out: "No-one can tell!" he said when he put it on. You have to be able to take a joke if you're to enjoy missing a finger. He had two models, one for Summer and an insulated one for Winter. HA! Seriously.
    He lost his finger in a lawnmower. Yeah. I helped him do his wound care. Which was one of the greatest things ever. One time, one of his stitches burst and a bunch of yellow adipose tissue (or "Ah! Sick! Guts!" as his friend who gagged when he saw it said) splurted out. We had to go back to the hospital for that one...not that I couldn't have stuffed it back in and sewed it up but we didn't have the necessary tools.

    I just started watching True Blood last week! I LOVE IT. Love. Love. Love. I really like the Cajun guy, I can't remember his name. I am on episode 9 of season 1. I am planning on watching two more tonight. I am so thrilled to have found this show (8 million years after everyone else)! It's my new obsession.
    I like Bill but...are vampires just not allowed to be funny? Is that a personality requirement? Ooh and Sam is out my good books after he didn't follow Sookie when she ran off at the funeral. Not cool Sam, not cool. I love Sookie and Tara! and Lafayette!

  2. I see that the phrase "bandaged and throbbing" gets Ms. Zombie Mamacita's immediate attention. ^__^ (Glad your healing factor is working, Blam!)