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  1. I think warfaere is my favorite :)

  2. My vote is for more comics coverage for sure, especially Batman and Secret Six. And I like warfaere too, as well as equam, lathicar, and, heck, all of them.

    VW: lesto — The magic word of a budget illusionist.

  3. 世界上沒有本來就應該的事,因為老天爺也沒有劇本..................................................

  4. Says The Chinese Porn Bot: "The world is not supposed to be something, because God does not play"

    ...dice. Is this guy paraphrasing Einstein now? Really? Clearly these sites are the Discerning Man's Choice.

    I hereby formally request more comic book reviews. I enjoy hearing about men who glitter as they punch and wear shirts under their swimsuits...almost as much as I like learning about the men who love them ;)

    I don't get any cool shows on TV and so am not invited to this Mad Men, True Blood party. I would however love to hear about Inception. From you especially, My Christmas Blam with all the trimmings*.

    *You want ham puns - oh, I'll give you ham puns!