Time of Nik

Unpublished draft cover to Finding 'Lost' book with black and white kings on chessboard against forest background

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  1. I've said this everywhere, but it was so much fun and I'm glad you braved that horrific drive. :)

    VW: quivalmo - oh I know there's a good definition for this, but alas my brain will not provide one.

  2. As I've been saying everyone on the blogosphere, jealous!

    I've had the experience of meeting a few 'internet-only' friends face to face at cons and the like on occasion, and it is indeed a surreal (and fun) experience.


  3. This was absolutely one of the best off-Internet meetups I've ever experienced. Not that I don't treasure having solidified other friendships and acquaintances I'd made online through "real-world" contact in years past, but by the time I got online I was already working in comics retail and journalism, so conventions were at least partly business (I know: poor me) — and there was inevitably too little time to hang out or too much shop talk when doing so or too much pressure to network or too much fear that socializing was seen as schmoozing, etc. From what established pros have told me, this never goes away.

    I guess the so-far unwritten implication here is that all my previous online connections were through comics, because they were. There were chat rooms and message boards the last time I had a computer, but no Facebook or widespread blogging, and even if I talked movies, TV, music, baseball, or politics it tended to be within comics circles; when I finally got my laptop and regular high-speed Internet access a couple of years ago, Nikki's was the first place I went and outside of (re)connecting with friends it's been the hub of my online activity save for chat lists dedicated to comics.

    The most surreal element of this meetup, as I said, was seeing/hearing Rebecca, Naomi, and Nikki in person after photos and vlogs. Putting a face and a voice to a name and comments can be quite a surprise, but it was weirder to not be surprised, like interacting with someone I'd only seen on TV. I hope we get to meet sometime, Teebore, and you're encouraged to wear your Dharma jumpsuit and stroke your chin as we talk just to freak me out.

  4. Fantastic post, Mr. Blam. What I loved most about meeting you was that you were just as charismatic and entertaining in person as you are on the blog, and you made me laugh harder than anything else that night (I mean that in a good way!) From the way you held off Ms. Misery and dealt with that rather annoying but precocious child standing next to you to the jokes you made while chatting about Lost, you were awesome. I was so thrilled to meet you, and happy that you came, albeit immensely guilty that you had to endure such terrible conditions to get there. I loved hearing everythign you had to talk aboat. ;)

    I hope we can all get together again!

  5. Yay! I had so much fun too! And no, you didn't talk too much.

    That drive sounds completely awful though :(

    Ah, good times, good times.