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24 Season 8

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  1. This is spoilery, just as a warning to anyone who hasn't seen Castle.

    I love Castle (as you know) and I didn't feel that the revelations from this last episode wrapped up Beckett's story, but rather deepened the mystery. They've known since the S1 finale that her mother was killed by a professional and this only confirmed that, but we still don't know what her mother did, why someone would hire a professional to kill her or who that someone is. Now the only lead they ever had is gone.

    That's my opinion anyway. Wow, that came out more passionate than I anticipated. it's just tv, it's just tv

    There, all better.
    I have never watched 24, but often wanted to. My manager is a monstrous fan. Maybe I'll make a deal that I'll watch 24 if he'll watch Lost :)

    And on a sidenote, I've started watching Buffy as SO many people (including yourself) have recommended and am loving it. Not moving through it as quickly as I would like - not even through the first season - but then I figure it will give me something to do to drown my Lost withdrawal symptoms.

  2. I'm glad you're checking out Buffy (and enjoying it). One thing I'd love to do with Nik's gang to ease the Lost withdrawal and keep the community together is do a (re)watch of Buffy or Alias with her guides at a manageable, non-frantic pace. 24 is, you've probably heard, at times kinda violent, although on DVD I'd imagine you can zoom through some nasty stuff. As for Castle not exactly wrapping up that backstory, the more I've thought about it the more I agree that it could be explored in various directions, but unless we're introduced to some huge, unexpected conspiracy, which seems out-of-character for the show, I'm still surprised that the actual killer was identified and confronted so early on even though questions obviously remain. I haven't posted on Chuck in almost a year, by the way, but that's another Monday show you'd probably like if you're looking for still more TV to watch. 8^)

  3. Oh and I would totally love to do a Buffy rewatch with everybody! That would be SO much fun!

  4. We watched Chuck way back at the beginning for a little while, but I haven't seen it in ages. It's another one on my very lengthy list of shows to get to someday.

    It's hard, because I work every single Monday night (the only consistent thing in my schedule) so I have to watch Castle online or remember to record it.

  5. This post keeps disappearing so I will type as fast as mine troll fingers can manage! I would absolutely be down with a Buffy Rewatch. For me, it will just be a "watch" as I never got to see it the first time.

    I really can't handle the fact that Lost is going to be over :(

  6. Blam, SonshineMusic, other Castle watchers:
    I'm taking part in an ABC Studios Q&A on Castle and have been asked to submit Qs. We don't know exactly which members of the cast and creative team will take part yet, but you can post general or specific questions here or E-mail them to me at...