The Irrknowiblowns

Page from The Unknown #1 © 2009 Boom Studios. Script:
Mark Waid. Pencils, Inks: Minck Oosterveer. Colors:
Fellipe Martins. Letters: Marshall Dillon.

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  1. Art doesn't matter as much to me as it does to you, I think.
    I'd love to see what he and a dozen other artists who spring to mind as good fits for the material would do in an Unknown anthology.
    Such as...? I'll play if you will.

  2. Such as...?
    I didn't really keep a list of who went through my mind when that was written, but I'll try to find a dozen off the top of my head — without resorting to total superstars (in the sense of comics-reader awareness) like, say, Bruce Timm.
    Jordi Bernet
    Amanda Conner
    Guy Davis
    Paul Grist
    Paul Guinan
    Matt Kindt
    John Paul Leon
    Linda Medley
    Phil Noto
    Stephane Roux
    Nicola Scott
    Jill Thompson

    I almost threw in Darwyn Cooke, but disqualified him on account of his relative celebrity in mainstream comics these days, although I'm not honestly sure if he's better known that some of the above. Milo Manara, whom I mentioned in the review, was tempting, as was Angelo Stano, who kind-of has a better-looking version of the style used on the series now. I'd also throw in a stylistic curveball if I were actually putting together the anthology, like Dan Parent, Chynna Clugston, or even Sergio Aragonés.

  3. Amazingly diverse list, there, without just throwing up all your favorite artists, which is probably my own tendency...