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The Geronimo Jackson single “Dharma Lady” is currently available as a free iTunes download in the US.

Cover to Geronimo Jackson's 'Magna Carta' with stylized psychedelic lettering over photo of four members in hippie-style attire

I don’t know how long the promotion will last. The info was shared this morning over
at Nik at Nite
, in our third day of conversation about the latest episode of Lost (5.09, “Namaste”), by frequent commenter Benny.

Geronimo Jackson is an obscure band from the ’70s that gets referenced a lot on the show. A fair number of folks seem to think that it’s completely fictional, since the cover of the group’s only LP, Magna Carta, appeared as a hidden Easter egg on Disc 4 of the Lost Season 2 DVD set, ABC’s online store is selling GJ merch, and “Dharma Lady” — which has a groovy, jangly sound reminiscent of The Band or The Grateful Dead — is awfully close to a track called “Excelsior Lady” from a recent Donkeys album.

The song played in the background the other night when the new Dharma Initiative members had their picture taken and at the end of the previous Lost episode two weeks prior. Apparently whoever controls the music rights didn’t authorize the re-release of the song until now, but if it’s popular enough maybe they’ll press new copies of Magna Carta.

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